We the undersigned declare our support for an independent Scottish republic built on the inalienable principles of liberty, equality, diversity, and solidarity.

We hold that this objective requires the dissolution of the UK state, which connects and subjugates Scotland to its hierarchical and anti-democratic institutions; and the creation of an elected Scottish Government with full control of Scotland’s natural resources and revenues.

We hold that sovereignty rests with the people, and vow to resist those who wish to deny us the right to govern ourselves as we see fit. Self-determination is a fundamental right of the people of Scotland and not a privilege to be granted by the Crown.

We advocate a written constitution, guaranteeing the right of each of us to freely vote, speak and assemble; the right to privacy and protection, and access to information on all our government does in our name.

We demand the power to:

We oppose discrimination of any kind against any of our citizens and strive for each to fulfil their potential.

We are a national civic movement which celebrates our diversity and resists national chauvinism, imperialism, and racism.

Our Scottish republic will allow each of us dignity and self-respect, free from exploitation, assuming the responsibilities of free persons.

Our Scottish republic will be a bridge to the world, forging alliances as an equal partner with peoples across the globe, to confront challenges faced by humanity.

We vow to continue the struggle for a free, democratic Scottish republic until these objectives are won.



Alan Bissett, playwright, novelist, and performer and author of The People's Vow;

Iona Fyfe, folk singer and MG ALBA Musician of the Year 2021;

Tommy Sheppard, SNP MP for Edinburgh East;

Anne McLaughlin, SNP MP for Glasgow North East;

Maggie Chapman, Green MSP for North East Scotland;

Gerry Cairns, writer and historian;

George Gunn, poet and playwright;

Jean Urquhart, artist, director of The Ceilidh Place, and former independent MSP;

Kevin Williamson, author, publisher, poet and co-author of the 2004 Declaration of Calton Hill;

Mike Small, editor of Bella Caledonia;

Kat Cary, co-convenor of SNP Socialists and founding member of Our Republic;

Graham Campbell, co-convener of SNP Socialists and Glasgow councillor;

Derek Durkin, Trade Unionists for Scottish Independence and long-standing trade union activist in Edinburgh;

Leslie Cunningham, LGBT+ trade union activist in Edinburgh;

Ewan Forrest, Radical Independence Campaign and organiser of the independence protest at the Supreme Court;

Connor Beaton, Republican Socialist Platform and protester at the Edinburgh proclamation.

...and 3,437 others so far.

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